This is a listing of (1) music performed by UGMA/UGMAA/PAPA artists, and/or (2) sheet music in the Horace Tapscott Archive. In the case of the latter, the compositions range from full scores to lead sheets, or even music for only one or two instruments.

The bulk of the compositons is by members of UGMA/UGMAA/PAPA, and indicates the range of music coming from this organization. To be a community movement, Horace realized that it had to embrace, perform, and record more than the work of one artist, and he never relented in encouraging members to write whatever they were hearing. At one point he had a large chest that contained compositions and he encouraged everyone to contribute. An ambition of most was to offer at least one piece to this treasure chest.

When the Arkestra recorded sixteen pieces covering four LPs for Nimbus Records during 1978-1979, only one of those compositions, “L.T.T.,” was by Horace, one was by Cal Massey, “Nakatini Suite,” and a third was “Lift Every Voice,” the Negro National Anthem by J.W. and J.R. Johnson. The other thirteen pieces were all originals by eight Arkestra members.

The listing is by Composition in alphabetical order, followed by Composer and Arranger, where known. — a work-in-progress / compiled by Steven L. Isoardi 

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